Career Exploration & Discovery

Barbara helps define what an individual job seeker ultimately wants in terms of work/life balance and helps one to better understand their professional self and their career path.

Individuals identify specific goals and what constitutes success, creating an action plan for tangible progress in their job search.

Resume Review, Critique and Re-Design

Barbara reviews, critiques and provides guidance to re-design resumes that will stand out and be noticed.

From the format, fonts and grammar, to content, relevancy and a "who is your audience" review, Barbara takes an average resume and makes it an above-average document.

Interviewing & Networking

Barbara teaches individuals how to interview through pragmatic, common sense techniques, highlighting what is special about a candidate.  Mock interviews and other learning techniques thoroughly prepare job seekers to succeed.

Barbara offers a multitude of methods to help create and maintain a vibrant and relevant professional network.

COST: Competitive hourly rate, with a minimum first session of two hours.